A Sweet Pairing

Now here's a story you don't hear too often. It's about two creatives who met via an industry app. Shortly after Sunita moved to Los Angeles, she posted trying to find things to do in the city. Josh was the only nice person to respond.

Their first creative date was coffee (shocker) and the two discovered their mutual love of cats, warm weather, and love of great ad work. Sunita was impressed with Josh’s tenacity and Josh was impressed that Sunita was a copywriter that was also an actual (working) actor.

Josh kept raving about his new Indian girlfriend (now fiance) named Sheena and Sunita could see Josh had smart taste.

The two also discovered they both loved side projects and it was creative love at first sight. They continued courting each other, creating an illustrated alphabet book and then an award show for side projects all while freelancing together along the way.

It's been a creative marriage made in heaven because all that acting training has given Sunita a knack for presenting and Josh likes to focus on the work.

The two always keep an extra seat at the table for your agency and they'd love for you to join them. If you're a fan of five star art & copy, please reserve your spot today by contacting either Josh or Sunita.