Maybe she’s born with it,
maybe she has to make up the brief too.

The story behind this Maybelline piece: Open on client wanting a sizzle reel about their new Maybelline Website for a worldwide debut at their Global Conference. Cut to agency not having a brief, nor a website. Zoom in on me and my partner writing the brief, creating a mock Maybelline website, figuring out what to say in various languages, understanding which culture wants what (example Saudi Arabia: eye makeup, Korea: skincare talk.) Fast forward because they pretty much wanted this in a few days. End on a very happy Maybelline CCO who opened the conference with this in Italy. Fin.

MNY goes DIY

I tried to contour my face once. I looked like a child only Mary Shelley could love. Therefore, it’s safe to say I have great respect makeup artists.

MASTER CAMO was Maybelline’s way of competing with the color-correction market that seemed to be exploding everywhere. Under a flawless finish, exists a peach concealer that can cover up those dark acne scars from 2 summers ago. Thanks, melanin.

Color-correcting in focus groups was described as ‘intimidating’ - kind of like a female CEO or I am assuming Angelina Jolie in real life. Therefore, our task was to create an approachable appeal, think MNY goes DIY. We poised ourselves as a one-stop shop palette that helped combat last night’s dark circles with yellow, beat your uneven skin blues with green, and make it just absolutely impossible for a gal to get it wrong - see me for this one. My partner and I had a blast working on these cute tutorials and also included social, digital (.gifs etc.), and print as well as a makeup ambush guerrilla teaser to get the word out.


Code & Theory

Senior Copywriter
Sunita Deshpande

Art Director
Ivy Tsang