Massively expensive, millions-of-dollars commercial shoots? This ain’t the early 2000’s. Sometimes a company has, like, a $4 budget. This is what Miss Sunita can do on that budget.

The Brief
Break stereotypes of ‘ethnic’ actor friends, LGBTQ actor friends, in other words - remove pigeon from hole. Some dramatic pigeons, some comedic pigeons, some serio-comic little birdies too.

The Why
I believe actors should represent humanity, not stereotypes. I see essences first. Not ethnicities.

The What-Sunita-Did
I patch up the pigeon-holes of Hollywood with custom-tailored pieces. For $0. Because how many struggling actors do you know with more than $4.00?

Case Study 1
My talented buddy Vick Krishna tends to get called in for nerd roles a lot (or dramatic 'terrorist roles' when he grows a beard) because of his ethnicity. I think Vick has a really fun handsome, comic, and brooding side and could be a great CW Vampire too.

Case Study 2
My friend Piyali Syam wanted to work the comedy chops and I could totally see her as a great addition to any type of comedy movie based on sorority life. Piyali has a great bubbly energy, is cute, and is hilarious when her 'dark side' comes out.

Case Study 3
Piyali also wanted to work on a seriocomic monologue where she’s conniving, manipulative, and has a twist at the end. I had a blast whipping this up for her, and I love how her energy changes to dark and gives me the shudders every time. Watch out Mrs. Davis.

Case Study 4
Amanda is an incredibly talented dramatic actress, and wanted to try out some humor - so like Hershey’s I went with my favorite. Special Dark. Here she tells her boss Randy, an independent move theater owner, why she’s quitting.

Case Study 5
Handsome plus shirtless plus a beagle puppy. My goal was to get Nathaniel as many clicks possible on Actors Access. Nathaniel is a friend with all the goods - he’s hilarious, handsome, has a body to die for, can sing, and is as smart as he is hardworking - I like to brag about how he went to Yale. Nathaniel tends to get cast as straight leads but I wanted to give him some dark humor thrown in there, too. I think he’d make a great American Psycho type - and his little doggie too.

Case Study 6
Donna Ross is very castable - from the moment I met her in class and saw her reels I was loving the sass & confidence vibe - so what better comic situation to put her in than one that actors know all too well? I made her an agent. Here she tells a 28 year-old-actress that she is going to be playing a ‘mom' from now on. Let’s see how that unfolds…

Case Study 6
Jan Schmidt the 6th auditions for his reboot of Glee. He’s not bitter about not making Glee the first time he auditioned for it. No really, he’s not.

Sunita Deshpande